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don’t stress about figuring it out now…i know you have to decide what you want to take course-wise, but seriously, i’ve been out of school for already a year and i STILL have no idea what the hell i’m going to be doing next month let alone my life

ugh i know but the thing is that one of the areas i might go into is physics, and that can’t be done if i don’t study physics as my undergraduate major. and because it’s a science, it’s a very structured major meaning if i choose to push even ONE of the courses i need to take next semester, i will need to squeeze everything and make my life 23423423x more difficult for my junior & senior years.

if i DO take the physics class i need to take next semester, i’m gonna also need to take the math that goes with it, meaning i will only have 2 classes i can choose in the remaining spot and then if i decide i dont want physics then i will have wasted 2 class spots and that will make me squeeze the rest of the comm classes and just UGH

  1. xyloscope said: say, doing physics, how would you feel? relieved or panicked? do the same with whatever else…sometimes that helps me decide. you can do it!
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